A Persistent Voice
Marian Franz and Conscientious
Objection to Military Taxation

Editor’s Preface by Tim Godshall    9
Foreword by Andy Jacobs     11
Introduction by Barbara Green     15

PART I     Contemporary Voices on Conscience, War, and Taxes

Remembrance of Marian Franz and Her Leadership
of the Effort to Enact Peace Tax Fund Legislation    21
    by David R. Bassett

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation as Derived
from Conscientious Objection to Military Service     31
    by L. William Yolton

War Tax Resistance and the Peace Tax Fund     36
    by Ruth Benn

A Legislative Perspective on the Peace Tax Fund Bill     40
    by Edward F. Snyder

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation as a Human Right     47
    by Derek Brett

Christians and the Payment of Taxes Used for War     57
    by Willard M. Swartley

PART II     A Persistent Voice: Selected Essays by Marian Franz

Yes, There is Another Way     69
Going Where No One Wants to Go     70
A Ray of Light in the Darkness     72
Converting Swords into Services     74
Where Were You When I Needed You?     76
Military Uniforms, Silk Suits, and True Believers     78
"Enemies": Foes Today Can Be Friends Tomorrow     80
Deep Commitment Communicates     82
We Are Not Alone     84
Conscientious Objectors’ Self-Defense     86
Lest We Lose Our Conscience     88
Conscience, the Goad     90
Legal Losses, Moral Witness     92
This Train is Bound for . . .     94
A Partnership in Conscience     96
When Conscience Stands Alone     98
John Woolman: Conscientious Objector in Colonial America     100
Choosing Targets     102
Sojourner Truth: A Witness for Conscience     104
The Day the Ways and Means Hearing Room Seemed  
Like "Church"     106
Validating This Good Testimony     108
Lucretia Mott: In and Out of Tune     111
The Victory Tax and What It Bought     113
The Nature of One’s Belief     115
Boundaries of Conscience    117
A Haven for the Cause of Conscience     120
Conscience: Use It or Lose It     123
It’s a Belief, Not an Opinion     125
The Costs of Learning to Kill     127
The Peace Tax Fund Bill at Twenty-Five     129
Does the Term Religious Freedom Exclude Some
Conscientious Objectors?     132
Loving the Hell out of People     134
The Arms Race with Ourselves     136
Eighth International Conference: Many Ripples Make a Wave    138
A War Memorial to Conscientious Objectors     142
Shalom: It’s a Mighty Challenge     145
Cassandra’s Dilemma     147
Peace and Security     150
Shaken and Stirred     152
Forgive? Now?     154
Nonviolence is Not for Sissies     156
Listening to the Silence of Young Dead Soldiers     158
Guernica: The Cover-Up     160
Rapping About Plowshares and Swords     162
Trumping the Numbers     164
An I for an I     166
A Hoe, Anyone?     169

Appendix A: Testimony Before New York City Council Committee on State and Federal Legislation in Support of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill by Forest D. Montgomery     171
Appendix B: Chronology of Activities Relating to Peace Tax Fund Legislation     176
Appendix C: The 1972 World Peace Tax Fund Bill     186
Appendix D: The 2007 Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill     208

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