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Order Options
for Cascadia Publishing House/Pandora Press U.S. Books

If you don't want to wade through the options: Just e-mail your name, address, book(s) ordered, and any discounts you believe apply to your order to contact@cascadiapublishinghouse.com. Before shipping, we'll e-mail your total owed and enclose due-in-30-days invoice with order. That's it!

Note one-two week Cascadia order processing for individual customers: As part of focusing on publishing and wholesale rather than direct sales to individual customers, Cascadia is deemphasizing direct sales (though still able to fill direct orders when this is called for). When Cascadia does fill direct orders, these are often fulfilled through having books shipped direct from printer. This means orders can sometimes take a week or two or more to fill. You may often receive books faster if you order through such options as Amazon.com, BN.com, and other Internet retailers which often show Cascadia books as in stock for immediate shipment.

To buy direct from Cascadia (InnerCircle discounts require direct orders), choose—

No risk: If you ship books back within 30 days in salable condition, we'll cancel or refund your payment (you pay return shipping unless we made a mistake).

3-books 15% discount: When you order direct from us, get 15% off any combination 3 books or more. See discounts for details.

Terms: We'll invoice you book price (US funds only) plus $3.95 best method ground shipping (may include U.S. Media Mail, est. ship time 5-8 days after we process order) first book, $1.00 each additional book (PA residents 6% sales tax). See shipping for more on free, expedited, international shipping. Terms subject to change without notice.

Stores/wholesalers, you qualify for special discounts, just contact us for details.

Credit card orders. There are many options if you want to pay by credit card:

  • Buy through such Internet retailers as BN.com, Amazon.com, Borders.com—or our own Cascadia/Amazon.com Bookstore:

  • Buy direct from Cascadia, pay offline with VISA/MC: We don't take credit cards online, but you can charge an online order to VISA/MC by using our online order form, Mark either the box telling us you'll pay invoice by VISA/MC or asking us to phone you for your card data.You can also phone us—or e-mail us to request that we phone you for your VISA/MC data.

Canadian, UK, or other overseas orders: We're glad to fill Canada/overseas orders but due to U.S. Postal Service elimination of ground shipment, most overseas customers find our shipping costs prohibitive. You may want to order from retailers in your country, including examples listed below.

  • Order from us. Orders placed with us are transacted in U.S. funds. Credit card payments are preferred, since we'll bill your card in U.S. funds but your bank will bill you in your own funds.As noted above, we do not accept credit cards online but can do so offline (VISA/MC only) when we bill you. If you prefer to receive an invoice enabling you to pay by credit card, simply let us know this when you order. You can also phone us—or e-mail us with request that we phone you at our expense, so we can take your VISA/MC information by phone. Or just use our online order form and mark either the box telling us you'll pay invoice by VISA/MC or asking us to phone you for your card data.

If you are a bookstore, other retailer, wholesaler, distributor, we welcome your contact and will be glad to describe our discounts.


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