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Painting by Steven Wiebe-King
Painting by Steven Wiebe-King

Credit: The header image has been cropped from the middle of a photo taken by my brother Steven Wiebe-King of his own painting. The painting is his impressionistic (and to my tastes magical, moving, and magnificent) portrayal of an old horse barn near my house. For many years I’ve had an office in what was the hay mow in which I do much of my more creative writing, editing, and reflecting.

Kingsview & Co is an extension and recreation of two streams of writing: one stream is my Kingsview columns, going back through several incarnations. The first version started in the now-defunct Christian Living in the 1980s, when the late editor David E. Hostetler, to whom I’ll always be indebted, invited the column.

The second stream, flagged by “& Co” is that Kingsview & Co will also function as an extension of DreamSeeker Magazine. DSM, a quarterly magazine founded in 2001, was released in both paper/online versions into 2011 then moved entirely online until going on hiatus in 2012 because as full-time seminary dean I no longer had enough time to edit.

With Kingsview & Co, DSM resumed publication in 2015 but in this blog format and continuously, as posts are available, rather than in the prior quarterly format. My hope is that this approach allows me to use the limited time I have for writing/publishing to offer both my own and guest blog posts as schedule permits.

As has always been the case, addressed will be a range of topics and approaches, from political, cultural, and theological  or denominational reflections to personal or family stories, often centering on but not limited to Anabaptist-Mennonite visions and realities. The original DSM mission statement continues to apply. As I concluded when writing the statement back in 2001, “Roxana Robinson urges us to consider the possibility that even in—maybe especially in—a new millennium, ‘love still drives us; we still need it as the moving force in what we read.’ Let the dreamseeking, heartfelt and passionate and filled with love, begin.”

Michael A. King, Ph.D., is a writer, blogger, editor, and communications/administration consultant. He edits and writes for Kingsview & Co and previously did so for DreamSeeker Magazine. PhD, King has been dean, Eastern Mennonite Seminary; dean, Eastern Mennonite University Graduate and Professional School; and vice-president, EMU.

Disclaimer: Although inevitably my thinking is affected by my activities as owner of Cascadia Publishing House LLC, the views expressed in posts I write or edit are my own or those of guest authors and don’t represent an official Cascadia standpoint. I’m grateful for ways Cascadia/Kingsview & Co activities and relationships with authors and readers draw me into the issues into the issues of the day. I’m also regularly aware of the rich diversity of voices seeking expression. As the Cascadia mission statement puts it, “Amid ferment, diversity, and conflict in culture and church, Cascadia authors offer creative visions and bridge conflictual stances.” In these postings I represent one limited voice seeking to make sense of our tumultuous times.

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