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DreamSeeker Books
An imprint of Cascadia Publishing House LLC

Key Cascadia Publishing House LLC goals are to add publishing options for Anabaptist-related scholars and serve readers interested in thoughtful, scholarly, or academic material. Books fulfilling that mission continue to receive emphasis under the Cascadia Publishing House (if current or upcoming) or Pandora Press U.S. (if published 1998-early 2003) labels. Cascadia Publishing House LLC is the current overarching name for all Cascadia operations, with Pandora Press U.S. still existing as a division of Cascadia LLC to provide support for the 1998-2003 Pandora U.S. books.

In addition, Cascadia Publishing House LLC publishes more accessible books for a wider audience. To indicate their popular nature, these carry the DreamSeeker Books imprint. The hope is for DreamSeeker Books lyrically to tell stories, poetically engage heart and mind, or innovatively engage pressing issues of the day. You may also enjoy reading similar but article-length material in DreamSeeker Magazine.

See below for covers and links to current DreamSeeker Books. Others are in development and will appear in coming years; monitor Future Books for updates. And to learn more about us, see the The Cascadia/DreamSeeker Books Story as well as "Publishing Like Ry and Emmylou Make Music."

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Poems by Joseph Gascho
Cornfields, Cottonwoods, Seagulls, and Sermons






Poems by Jen Kindbom
Poems by Jean Janzen
What the Body Knows
Poems by Barbara Esch Shisler
Momentary Stay
A novel by Emily Hedrick
True Confessions of a God Killer
A memoir by Daniel Hertzler
On My Way: The View from the Ninth Decade
Poems by Becca Lachman
The Apple Speaks
Poems by Cheryl Denise
What's in the Blood
A memoir by Tricia Gates Brown
Jesus Loves Women
Stories by Elrena Evans
This Crowded Night
A memoir by Marilyn and Carl Wolgemuth
The Ideal Couple
Poems by Chris Longenecker
How Trees Must Feel
A novel by Shirley Kurtz
Sticking Points
Poems by Suzanne Kay Miller
Storage Issues
Julie Cadwallader-Staub
Face to Face: A Poetry Collection
Truman H. Brunk
The Singing Junk-Man
Guillermo Gaviria Correa
Diary of a Kidnapped Colombian Governor
Katie Funk Wiebe
You Never Gave Me a Name: One Mennonite Woman's Story
Gerald Miller with Wagner
A Hundred Camels: A Mission Doctor's Sojourn and Murder Trial in Somalia
Poems by Esther Yoder Stenson
Miracle Temple
Lee Snyder
At Powerline and Diamond Hill
Deborah Good
Long After I'm Gone: A Father-Daughter Memoir
Helen Wade Alderfer
The Mill Grinds Fine: Collected Poems
Tricia Gates Brown
118 Days: Christian Peacemaker Teams Held Hostage in Iraq
Poetry by Leonard Neufeldt
The Coat Is Thin
Paul Peachey
A Usable Past? A Story of Living and Thinking Vocationally at the Margins
Truman H. Brunk
That Amazing Junk-Man: THe Agony and Ecstas of a Pastor's Life
Ann Showalter
Touched by Grace: From Secrecy to New Life
Don, Mildred, and Titus Bender
Without the Loss of One: The Story of Nevin and Esther Bender
Dallas Wiebe
On the Cross: Devotional Poems
Poems by Cheryl Denise
I Saw God Dancing
Poems by Shari Wagner
Evening Chore
Cynthia Yoder
Crazy Quilt: Pieces of a Mennonite Life
Omar Eby
Fifty Years, Fifty Stories: The Mennonite Mission in Somalia 1953-2003
Katie Funk Wiebe
Border Crossing: A Spiritual Journey
Hubert Schwartzentruber
Jesus in Back Alleys: The Story and Reflections of a Contemporary Prophet
Ann Hostetler
Empty Room with Light: Poems
Omar Eby
Markings/My Own:
Musings on the Gospel of Mark
Daniel Hertzler
A Little Left of Center: An Editor Reflects on His Mennonite Experience
Evelyn King Mumaw
The Merging: A Story of Two Families and Their Child
Poems by David Wright
A Liturgy for Stones
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