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Please note: you're free to share informally any materials in DreamSeeker Magazine as widely as you wish, such as by e-mail to friends or acquaintances. However, all contents on the DSM web site are under blanket copyright and should only be shared with credit to the original author and to DSM as publisher.

Please watch for any special credit lines attached to given articles, stories, or poetry, since these supersede the general statement above. For example, if we reprint poetry, the publisher may have given us permission to reproduce it but has otherwise reserved all rights, which means that particular material should in no way be reproduced without further permission from the publisher.

If you want formally to reprint in any medium--including but not limited to hardcopy magazine, electronic magazine, Internet site, or book--the ultimate copyright for any specific articles, stories, or poetry on the DSM website typically belongs to the original writer and/or to DSM. Any formal reprinting is to take place only by permission, but we welcome working that out with you. To receive such permission and the wording of a credit line to accompany your reprint, please contact DSM if the article is appearing in a current issue. Or contact either DSM, the writer, or original publisher if the article is in the DSM back issue archives.

When DSM is reprinting material first published elsewhere, DSM has received permission from the author and/or original publisher to reprint in the DSM hardcopy edition and online, and rights to the article may be controlled by the original publisher and/or author. Any such special circumstances will typically be noted in a special credit line accompanying the article.


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