with Dark Matter
Poetry by Jeff Gundy
Published by Bottom Dog Press,
available from DreamSeeker Books/Pandora Press U.S.


“These vivid meditations call us to enter the whirl of our desires. With wit and passion, Jeff Gundy investigates our deep roots of longing—for God and the other. He offers an unforgettable ride. In a voice both brave and tender he carries us through rain-streaked darkness and sun’s glare towards love, towards those who call us to ‘bring yourself home.’”
—Jean Janzen

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve read a book in which the author seemed to be so constantly in motion, so restless in his insatiable curiousity. How very attractive I find that, especially when it comes borne on genuine humility and unaffected generosity. This is a remarkable collection.”
Ted Kooser

“The power of Jeff Gundy’s Rhapsody with Dark Matter stems from a distinctive tension, where irony of the old sort—with its attending terrors of faith confronted—is met with the wink (and the strength) of latter-day knowledge. Here are love poms, tracts on faith and doubt, paeans to the family memory, and yes, essays on Gospel Hour Radio, where the likes of Albert Einstein and John Wooden may coexist on the same sturdy line. This Midwestern rhapsode, Jeff Gundy, possesses and ancient lyric touch but also, delightfully, a sharp postmodern edge.”
—David Baker

Market: All lovers of fine poetry tinged with faith and honest about doubt.

Shelving: Poetry; Anabaptist-Mennonite literature

The Author: Jeff Gundy’s earlier books include Inquiries (Bottom Dog), Flatlands (Cleveland State), poems; and A Community of Memory: My Days with George and Clara (Illinois), creative nonfiction. He has been awarded Ohio Arts Council Fellowships for Poetry. Raised in Raised in central Illinois, he studied at Goshen College and Indiana University and since 1984 has taught at Bluffton (Oh.) College. He and his wife Marlyce have three sons. His most cherished possessions are a slightly battered 19963 Martin D- guitar—a family heirloom—and a new Taylor 12 string.

Publisher: Bottom Dog Press, 2000
Retailer: DreamSeeker Books/Pandora Press U.S. (not available from Herald Press)
Pages: 88
Price: $9.95 ($15.95 in Canada)
Format: 6 x 8.5 trade paper
ISBN: 0-933087-65-9

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