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Peace and Justice
Shall Embrace:

Power and Theopolitics in the Bible

Ted Grimsrud and Loren L. Johns


Comment: “A splendid collection of essays in honor of a great scholar-teacher, whose deep influence on the life and thought of his students is reflected, to his honor, in their passionate, morally acute interpretations of the biblical text.” —Patrick D. Miller, Professor, Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

“The best of Millard Lind's students tackle one of the toughest problems of the church: How can justice and peace kiss each other? A fitting tribute to a scholar and churchman who has lead us all in this search.” —William Klassen, New Testament professor (retired) and author of many books, including Love of Enemies and Judas (both Fortress Press).

Summary: Peace and Justice Shall Embrace provides fresh exegetical insights from the Bible and penetrating theological analysis with regard to peace, justice, power, and theopolitics. These essays offer new light on the politics of God and the peaceable character of biblical visions of justice.

Classification: Bible, Old Testament—interpretation, criticism, nonviolence, war, Prophets; nonviolence—biblical teaching; moral and ethical aspects; war—biblical teaching; Lind, Millard, 1918-.

The Editors: Ted Grimsrud is assistant professor, Theology and Peace Studies, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, and author, Triumph of the Lamb (Herald Press, 1987). Loren L. Johns is associate professor of religion at Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio, and coeditor of Hillel and Jesus: Comparisons of Two Major Religious Leaders (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1997).

Publisher: Pandora Press U.S. (copublished and codistributed by Herald Press)
Publication date: January 15, 2000
Approximate Pages: 252
Price: $22.95 ($34.95 in Canada)
Format: 5 15/16 x 9 trade paper
ISBN: 0-9665021-1-6

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