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Loving Without Giving In
Christian Responses to Terrorism and Tyranny

Ron Mock

Foreword by Mark O. Hatfield, Senator--Retired, Oregon

Summary: How can Christians love their neighbors and their enemies at the same time? What if the enemies are terrorists and tyrants, and the neighbors include the people they terrorize or tyrannize? Can governments be terrorists? Or only individuals? Is there a Golden Rule for nations? These are among the many urgent questions addressed in Loving Without Giving In.

Stopping terrorists and bringing down tyrants is a God-given duty for those called to love their neighbors all over the world. Yet fighting violence with violence is counterproductive in the long run and incompatible with loving enemies in the short run. This book draws from Scripture—including its contributions to views of holy war and just war as well as pacifism—plus the best thinking of peace scholars to analyze the global situation post-9-11.

Comment: "At a time when rampant fear and justified violence appear to be the primary strategic tools of both mainstream politics and terrorism, Ron Mock has provided a much needed Christian antidote: Love. The practical approach and well-founded theology found in this book are needed now more than ever in our churches, classrooms, town halls, and heaven knows, our politicians desks."
—John Paul Lederach, Professor of Peacebuilding, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame; Distinguished Scholar, Eastern Mennonite University

"Ron Mock does here what his predecessors have done in other times of crisis: He draws on sources typically ignored by policymakers to suggest some new responses that offer genuine hope for a long-term winning strategy against terror and tyranny."
—Mark O. Hatfield, U.S. Senator, Oregon—Retired, in the Foreword

"What I expected to be a dreary analytical work instead nudged me to confront my own threads of terrorism, deepen my dependency on Christ, and gain hope that God is relevant when dealing with terrorists. I recommend this book as a basis for sermons and for Sunday school study. Mock delivers what he promises, ‘Inspiring, creative, positive suggestions about where we might look expecting to find nuggets of God’s direction for these times.’"
—Susan Mark Landis, Peace Advocate, Mennonite Church USA Executive Board

Market: Anyone—from scholars, students, pastors, church leaders, and politicians through general readers—interested in one of the few book-length treatments of how to address terrorism from not only a Christian but also a peacemaking position..

Shelving: War; Terrorism; Pacifism and Peacemaking; Nonviolence; BISAC: Religion. RTM: 690 Religion/Ethics.

The Author: Ron Mock, Newberg, Oregon, is Associate Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies at George Fox University. After finishing his law degree at the University of Michigan in 1982 and briefly practicing law, he became founding director of the Christian Conciliation Service of Southeastern Michigan. His experiences in interpersonal peacemaking led him to his undergraduate alma mater, George Fox University, where he joined the Center for Peace Learning in 1985. Mock has engaged in research, teaching, and work on nonviolent resolution of conflict from interpersonal disputes to international warfare. He is editor of The Role Play Book, and a member of the International Quaker Working Party on Israel and Palestine.

Publisher: Cascadia Publishing House (the new name of Pandora Press U.S.)
Potential Copublishers: Herald Press, Scottdale, PA
Tentative Publication date: December 15, 2004 (copies available now)
Approximate Pages: 276, with index and notes
Format: 5.5 x 8.5" trade paper
Prices: $22.95 US, $35.95 Can.
ISBN: 1-931038-24-4

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