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Loving Without Giving In
Christian Responses to Terrorism and Tyranny

Ron Mock

Foreword by Mark O. Hatfield, Senator--Retired, Oregon

"At a time when rampant fear and justified violence appear to be the primary strategic tools of both mainstream politics and terrorism, Ron Mock has provided a much needed Christian antidote: Love. The practical approach and well-founded theology found in this book are needed now more than ever in our churches, classrooms, town halls, and heaven knows, our politicians desks."
—John Paul Lederach, Professor of Peacebuilding, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame; Distinguished Scholar, Eastern Mennonite University

"Ron Mock does here what his predecessors have done in other times of crisis: He draws on sources typically ignored by policymakers to suggest some new responses that offer genuine hope for a long-term winning strategy against terror and tyranny."
—Mark O. Hatfield, U.S. Senator, Oregon—Retired, in the Foreword

"Is it sheer naiveté to believe the Bible gives us tools to stop modern tyranny and terrorism? Not when supported with the gleefully hopeful theory, thought, and tools in Mock’s book. His pastoral words persuade us to be open to the leading of God’s spirit by first confronting our own terrorism tendencies. His positive belief that God will lead us if we decide love can work on international levels encourages us to eliminate the political despair that leads to terrorism. His chapter on ‘the myth of effective violence’ teaches us how to deny terrorists the objectives they seek as we change our own worldview.

"What I expected to be a dreary analytical work instead nudged me to confront my own threads of terrorism, deepen my dependency on Christ, and gain hope that God is relevant when dealing with terrorists. I recommend this book as a basis for sermons and for Sunday school study. Mock delivers what he promises, ‘Inspiring, creative, positive suggestions about where we might look expecting to find nuggets of God’s direction for these times.’

"As our souls continue searching for a Christian response to the events of September 11, Mock’s writing gives both hope and foundation to demonstrate that Jesus’ command to turn the other cheek is relevant when dealing with the unreasonable worldview of terrorism."
—Susan Mark Landis, Peace Advocate, Mennonite Church USA Executive Board

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